Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 Reviews

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Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

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  • Solar-powered keyboard: No battery hassles – any light source keeps your keyboard charged for at least three months in total darkness
  • Only 1/3-inch thick: Ultra-thin design adds sleek style to your workspace
  • Feel-good typing: Logitech-only concave key cap design for faster, quieter, more comfortable typing
  • Powerful 2.4 GHz wireless: Enjoy a reliable connection using a tiny Logitech Unifying receiver that stays in your computer
  • Works with Windows-based laptop and desktop PCs

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750Battery hassles are a thing of the past with the solar-powered Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750.

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You can read the review Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 from our customers reviews below to help you decide to buy your products.

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3 Responses to "Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 Reviews"

  1. SigmaV says:
    259 of 267 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Astonishment is an Understatement (UPDATED: 1.5 YEAR MARK), April 8, 2011

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 (Personal Computers)

    First of all, after using Amazon for more than five years, I have never written a single review for a product. It is simply that nothing that I have previously purchased on Amazon was worthy of taking the time that writing a review requires.

    This particular product of Logitech, however, has made an impression that will last for months to come.

    The first thing you notice when you receive the item is, well, nothing. The packaging on the outside of the product is exactly what one would expect from Logitech, nicely printed in both color and quality. The genius of the packaging design, however, lies within the box. Logitech has revolutionized how a technological “green” product should be packaged. Where in this case the keyboard is packaged using nearly 100% of cardboard materials. Furthermore, there is not a single piece of paper within the box, as both instructions and manuals are cleverly integrated onto the reverse side of the outer box and the inner carton. This clever method by Logitech has not only reduced the amount of environmental impact through unwanted materials, it has also made me feel less guilty from having the ability to throw the entire packaging into the recycle bin.

    The second thing you notice after taking out the keyboard is how incredibly light and thin it is. There are several introductory tags on the keyboard itself that shows its features and one of them kept the battery separate from the circuit. There is also a protective layer on the front side of the keyboard covering the surface, of which I have not yet removed since it does not interrupt the usage of the keyboard itself.

    After a simple process of pairing it with my Performance MX’s unifying receiver, the driver was installed within seconds and the K750 was ready to go. The keyboard itself includes a unifying receiver and a signal booster, I just did not need them.

    The typing itself is a thrill. While feeling like a laptop keyboard, the keys generate enough “bounce” on your fingers that allows the smoothest of input just like a desktop keyboard. I own both the Logitech G11 and Logitech DiNovo Edge (Was nearly $250 when it was purchased), and I can easily say that the K750 beats their “feel” hands down.

    I have heard many complaints about Logitech keyboards not being “game ready” because it cannot take more than a certain amount of keys at a single time. Well, in my rudimentary tests it was able to handle up to 6 characters at the same time, where if 8 keys are simultaneously pushed down it will input the first six. I am not sure what the exact problem with the previous keyboards were, but I hope this will at least answer a few questions.

    Furthermore, the keyboard prop legs on the N750 is very stable, contrary to that of a previous review. It was able to stand firm on a surface where my DiNovo Edge likes to slide around.

    Thin, light, green, great feel, no charging required, numpad and an ingenious Logitech design has combined forces to create arguably the best piece of computer peripheral.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this review, as it was nothing less than an amazing experience for me to type up with my new K750.



    After almost a year and a half of heavy usage on the K750, I figure it is time to give y’all a progress update.


    The battery holds up against the test of time extremely well, never dipping below 80% charge in a well-lit room. In darker rooms, all I have to do is stick it near a window every 2 month or so to return it to full charge. It is no hassle compared to other options out there.

    The keyboard’s keys still feels as good as the first day I started using it.

    Durability of the keyboard is amazing. It’s shape had held it’s ground through many forms of physical torture.

    THE BAD:

    The keyboard’s glossy surface has incurred countless minor scratches during my travels with it. My recommendation is to not remove the protective film that came with the keyboard, or to transport the keyboard in it’s original box if you would like to keep it’s condition pristine.

    The logo on the receiver rubbed off after staying on my laptop for a 6 months or so, but that is understandable on any product.

    One of the rubber legs in the bottom left corner fell off after many times of transportation in my backpack. Actually I am surprised that it had not fell of earlier with the way I handled the keyboard. Again, I recommend keeping it in the box when moving it around.


    Unfortunately the keyboard refused to pair with a receiver at the 1.5 year mark. It is a strange problem shared by a few buyers, and the solution to the problem varied. Some say to “shake” the keyboard and it will work, some…

    Read more

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  2. Holly says:
    230 of 237 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A Great Idea for a Keyboard, April 4, 2011
    Holly (Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA) –

    This review is from: Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 (Personal Computers)

    My biggest concern before buying this keyboard was that it would die too often. Let me first explain how these concerns were put to rest after several months of use. I use this keyboard in a room with a single window that is covered by both blinds and curtains. I also use the keyboard at least 10 feet from the window and the light in the room is off for most of the day. The keyboard gets several hours of use daily and I have never flipped the hardware power switch off. The power level, however, has never dropped below 100%.

    Next, the “PerfectStroke key system” and “Incurve Keys” really are comfortable and make typing easier. I particularly like the way the key feels when you press down. You get a very small amount of feedback almost resembling the old IBM keyboards, but without the loud clicking. I agree that it is a bit like tapping on a laptop. The big difference, however, is that the keys on the k750 are much sturdier than those on your usual notebook PC.

    As for the connection, I was a bit worried that the new super-small “unifying receiver” would not provide adequate signal. This is incorrect. In fact, this small transponder works much better than Logitech’s older stick version. It is on the back of my pc and so has to see through an aluminum computer chassis as well as a wooden desk, about 4 feet total distance. I’ve never had a problem with the signal on either my mouse or this keyboard.

    Finally, the software for the keyboard is pretty much what you’d expect. You press the sunlight button and a dialog pops up on your computer telling you the “LUX” (amount of light) your keyboard is getting and how much battery power is remaining. There is also a function key which you use in combination with the top row of keys to do things like open your internet browser, pause a song, mute/increase/decrease the volume, etc.

    One downside, according to my wife, is that it looks like I’m using a giant old-school calculator. I think this is not true at all: the solar panels are a dark red while the keyboard is black. This causes the solar panels to not really be noticeable unless you are looking for them.

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  3. Nemeo says:
    100 of 109 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Wireless; Never replace batteries; very comfortable, March 23, 2011
    Nemeo (Texas, USA) –

    This review is from: Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 (Personal Computers)

    I wasn’t specifically looking for a ‘solar’ keyboard, but this works great.
    The design/feel is about the same as typing on recent Apple keyboards where the keys are like ‘chiclet’ candies.

    It’s very comfortable and easy to use. I was looking for an ergonomic replacement for my aging/sticky Microsoft wireless ergonomic keyboard… I was sick of changing out rechargeable batteries all the time.

    This uses a VERY tiny USB adapter which allows other wireless logitech devices to connect to 1 adapter.

    -very comfortable / fast typing / very responsive
    -not overly ‘fancy’ with all kinds of volume/media controls… although it does have the capability for some functionality such as music, shortcuts, media controls, calculator, etc…
    -VERY thin (feels like typing on a thin laptop)
    -you don’t “need” to install any software… so it should work on Linux for basic functionality

    -not ‘ergonomic’ / wave-shaped
    -shiny black surface might attrack some fingerprints, but it’s not too bad as it seems
    -incline ‘feet’ are a little thin, not very stable (but I don’t use them)

    -I was worried the solar panels might not get enough light but I’ve never had the built-in batteries drop below 100% (I’m within a few feet of a window
    -overhead room lights are more than sufficient to charge solar panels
    -cool little ‘Solar App’ shows if you’re getting enough light at that particular time

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